Myth America

The stories that we tell. The stories that tell us.™

Topical, political, philosophical, metaphorical, Myth America shakes out our sense of who we are in the world.

Join host Leigh Melander, Ph.D. (and occasional guests from around the world) in live and lively conversations as we explore the evocative mythologies that inform who we are.

Myths are the stories that we tell and the stories that tell us. They are the metaphors that shape our imagination of the world around us.

The ancient Greeks said that myths were the things that were most and least true simultaneously. Far from just being a lie, myths pulse in the background of all of our lives — our selves, our families, our communities — we tell ourselves stories about all of them.

What are the myths we’re living in and how are they living in us?

Now a Podcast! 

Myth America is now available as a podcast streaming from this side and on podcast channels worldwide. And we are honored and delighted to join a great group of folks podcasting on myth on the MythMaker℠ Podcast Network a new channel from the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

The show was originally created for  broadcast on WIOX Radio, an NPR community affiliate radio station in the Catskills in New York, and ran for four years.

• Myth America is a project of Spillian LLC, a creative center offering programming in imagination, story, myth, sustainability, and community.
• Theme music is an original harp & voice composition by Leigh Melander, from a 1998 album entitled Star Songs.