Join us for a really cool conversation with longtime music executive Chris Hensley, from our Myth America vault…this show was recorded live on WIOX Community Radio 91.3 FM on January 26, 2016.

Among hundreds of other artists, Chris spent years working with both the Eagles and David Bowie. Shortly after David Bowie and Glenn Frey’s deaths in early 2016, Chris and I explored metaphors about the death of heroes – icons – archetypes – and how this music created identities for an entire generation, and wondered if this is still true in the music world.

Hint: take a listen to Desperado and Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles and Lazarus by David Bowie. In our original broadcast, we shared each of these tunes, but copyright law for downloadable podcasts prevents us from keeping the music in this version.

Who and what are the musical archetypes that shape your tribe’s identity?